About us

Today, "INSTUDIO" has become the main destination for its successful partners in their various fields, who come to it for the manufacture and development of their mega projects, whether technical, software or technological projects, after the company has won their trust, through the skill and mastery of its employees, and the company seeks to share success with them to make their mark on the global stage.

For almost fifteen years, every step we take we ensure that it is towards excellence, originality and innovation, Our goal is to provide tangible value designed to meet the goals of our success partners, Hence our business partners in diverse industries continue to engage us to improve their operations by developing and implementing innovative and practical solutions and handling complex technical, organizational, administrative and communication challenges, and providing them with high-performance and high-quality technological services and products, this is why INSTUDIO became one of the most prestigious companies and one of the leading names in its field.

We provide our partners with exceptional value that increases the opportunity to enhance their competitive position through harnessing our qualified experts to provide best practices in all of our services which is an integral part of enhancing our success partners in their diverse business challenges.


We work with honesty and integrity and deal with our customers and employees in an atmosphere of transparency.


We strive to integrate fun into our work environment, appreciate efforts and celebrate achievements because we always exceed expectations and achieve the best possible results.


Through our effective procedures and our skilled experts, we create, innovate and excel in our work and strive to develop a culture of excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

All-time Support

Our team of experts is trained to take over responsibility 24/7.

Always on time

We recognize the significance of time. We always deliver what we have promised on time.

The Founder's Message

The INSTUDIO career is an integral part of the process of development in the economy and the accompanying development in the culture of services and development solutions. Now, after the successes and achievements of INSTUDIO in the business market and in the volume of clients and partners and most importantly in the levels of trust between us and the public, and in the experience it has accumulated about service mechanisms, we can say that the main wealth that INSTUDIO possesses is that partnership between it and the community. Therefore, INSTUDIO is committed to continuously reviewing its policies with the aim of developing them permanently. It is also committed to its endeavors aimed at enriching its services and products portfolio in order to match the aspirations of the widest base of partners and shareholders. INSTUDIO adheres to the principles that enhance its transparency and increases the efficiency of its performance and promotes its leading position on the map of local and global economy.

Dr. Abdulatif Abdulmohsen Alabdalla — Co-founder


Our main focus since our inception has been to provide the best quality of services we provide in the world through our constant search for advanced means to enhance the levels of excellence of our services and products in order to achieve our unlimited goals. That is why our true relationship with our partners does not end with one deal; rather, it starts from this point. Therefore we are proud of INSTUDIO's outstanding record and we are working on enriching it at a precise pace and with high efficiency for the coming years and we will continue to achieve our long-term goals across the Middle East. I would like to thank you for visiting our website and invite you to discover the unlimited world of INSTUDIO, as we not only offer services and products, but we also offer a real world for our partners that meets their satisfaction and exceeds their expectations.

Eng. Ibrahim Naguib — Co-founder

The Executive Management

Eng. Raminder Goetz


Eng. Moustafa Gamal

Executive Director for European Union Region Affairs

Brenda Andrew

Executive Director of Public Relations

Eng. Louise Lines

Executive Director of Marketing

Sherrie Markus

Executive Director of Finance

Eng. Ahmed Youssef

Executive Director of Development and Technology

Dr. Magdi Omar

Executive Director of Human Resources